April 2022: Call for Applications — Archives of the Religious Orders in Rome

The Istituto Sangalli in Florence welcomes applications for a weeklong seminar on the central archives of religious orders in Rome. Held in June 2022, this workshop will “focus on the archives of some important religious orders and on their materials, providing especially, but not only, to young scholars in Humanities a new perspective on global Catholicism from the early-modern period until the contemporary age.” It will offer a multi-disciplinary examination of “the role played by the religious orders and their impact from an historical, ethno-anthropological and art historical point of view, and on a global scale.”


Applications are encouraged from current doctoral candidates in history as well as from “archivists, museum curators, anthropologists and established scholars who are currently working on global Catholicism.”


The workshop takes place from June 13-17 in Rome. It will visit the following archives

1) Archivum Generale Ordinis Praedicatorum
2) Archivum Generale of the Capuchin Friars
3) Archivum Romanum Societatis Iesu
4) Archives of the Venerable English College
5) Archives of the Saint Isidore’s Irish College


It will feature lectures on the following topics — Introduction to Archival Research in Rome; The Historical Archives of the Dominican Friars: Brief History and Structure; Archival Research in the General Archives of the Capuchin Friars; The Archivum Romanum Societatis Iesu: Brief History and Structure; Archival Research in the Archives of the Venerable English College; Archival Research in the Archives of the Saint Isidore’s College; Laboratories on Manuscripts & Documents: Language, Scripts, Conventions, Dating & Documentary Typologies.


Instructors leading the course include, among others, Matteo Binasco (University for foreigners of Siena); Michele Camaioni (University of Roma Tre); Massimo Carlo Giannini (University of Teramo); Eugenio Menegon (Boston University/Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies); Maurice Whitehead (Venerable English College, Rome).


Applications are due April 20, 2022. More information is available at the institute’s website and at https://www.istitutosangalli.it/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Summer-Seminar-Religious-Orders_2022.pdf