March 2022: Online Conference — Imaging Jesuit Sanctity

On March 11 and 12, Regis College hosts an online conference “Imaging Jesuit Sanctity: A conference engaging with the 400th anniversary the canonization of the first Jesuit saints.” The event is co-organized by Thomas Worcester, SJ, and Alison Fleming


Fourteen scholars will present over four panels and one roundtable discussion during the two-day conference. The keynote address will be delivered by Pamela Jones, professor emeritus at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. A full schedule appears below.


More details about the online event — including how to register — are available at the Regis College website:



“Imaging Jesuit Sanctity: A conference engaging with the 400th anniversary the canonization of the first Jesuit saints”

Conference Sponsored by Regis College, Toronto


Friday, March 11 (all times EST)

10:30am – 10:45am

Welcome and introductory remarks

Thomas Worcester, SJ, and Alison Fleming, co-organizers


10:45am – 12:15pm

Keynote address

— Framing Sainthood in 1622: Teresa of Avila, Ignatius Loyola, and Francis Xavier

Pamela Jones, professor emeritus, University of Massachusetts, Boston


12:15pm – 1:30pm



1:30pm – 3:45pm

Panel 1

— Canonizing the Catholic Reformation Religious Order: Ignatius of Loyola and Philip Neri as ‘Founder’ Saints

Thomas Santa Maria, Yale University

— From Caretakers of Lepers to Miraculous Plague Saint: Early Modern Disease and the Image of St. Francis Xavier

Rachel Miller, California State University, Sacramento

— Modeling Miracles: The Visual Creation of Ignatius Loyola’s “Vision at La Storta” in the early 17th century

Alison Fleming, Winston-Salem University


Saturday, March 12

10:00am – 11:15am

Panel 2

— Miracles in Print: A Broadsheet, a Book, and the Cult of Ignatius of Loyola between Bavaria and Rome

Jonathan E. Greenwood, University of Zurich

— Resemblance and the Jesuit Portrait: True Effigies, Disguised Saints, and Holy Likenesses

Grace Harpster, Georgia State University


11:15am – 11:30am



11:30am – 12:45pm

Panel 3

— St. Teresa of Avila and the challenge of shaping female holiness

André Brouillette, SJ, Boston College

— Lives in Translation: Colonial Saints and their Jesuit Hagiographers in Early Modern New France

Mary Dunn, St. Louis University


12:45pm – 1:45pm



1:45pm – 3:00pm

Panel 4

— ‘Love is stronger than death…’: The Mystical Landscape of St. Jean de Brébeuf

Michael Knox, SJ, Shrine of the Canadian Martyrs

— John Ogilvie, Glasgow, and the Path to Sanctity in Early Modern Scotland

Daniel MacLeod, St. Paul’s College, University of Manitoba


3:00pm – 3:15pm



3:15pm – 4:30pm

Roundtable discussion

Megan Armstrong, McMaster University

Emanuele Colombo, DePaul University

Ruth Noyes, National Museum of Denmark

Nicholas Terpstra, University of Toronto

Alison Fleming, Winston-Salem University

Thomas Worcester, SJ, Regis College


4:30pm – 4:45pm

Concluding remarks