May 2022: Call for Applications — Jesuit Heritage Summer School

Applications are welcome at the second annual Jesuit Heritage Summer School, hosted by the University of Antwerp. This year’s program is entitled: “Jesuit Heritage: Sanctity, Hagiography, Iconography.”


Taking place between September 5 and 9, 2022, the Jesuit Heritage Summer School will focus on the themes of sanctity, hagiography, and iconography. Sessions will examine Ignatius, Xavier and “the founder saints of the Society” as well as the transformation of Western hagiography by the Jesuits through the writings of the Bollandists and the use use of Baroque art by the Society’s iconographic campaigns.


The program is intended for current graduate students (Master’s or doctoral) with interests in Jesuit studies, religious history, art history, and history in general. Applications are due by June 15.


More information is available at: