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The Leuven Chinese Studies, published by the Ferdinand Verbiest Institute, has just released its 40th volume, Ferdinand Verbiest, Postulata Vice-Provinciae Sinensis in Urbe proponenda: A blueprint for a renewed SJ mission in China. The book is edited by Noël Golvers. 


According to the publisher, the book highlights a series of requests that Verbiest, as the China Mission’s vice provincial, issued to Superior General Giovanni Paolo Oliva in 1680.  Verbiest’s requests, “which partly repeat longstanding complaints from the mission, posed again on the occasion of its centennial jubilee and at a moment when opportunities appeared limitless, yet constrained by the juridical and structural framework of the Vice-Province.”


“More than in any other document,” as the publisher notes, “these postulata show that Verbiest deserved the title of ‘pillar of the mission’, for his talent at forceful argumentation, using all possible means to strengthen the China mission’s position, especially by freeing it from the Japan Province and promoting it to the level of a full Province within within the Society of Jesus.”


The table of contents appear below. Orders are available through . More details about the Leuven China Studies are available online at


Table of contents:

Acknowledgements (7)

1. Introduction

1.0. General presentation (9)

1.1. Codicological presentation (11)

1.2. Archival presentation (14)

1.3. Typological presentation (14)

1.4. Context and direct background (16)

1.5. Contents of the Postulata (30)

1.6. Couplet in Rome (36)

1.7. Bibliography (39)

2. Text: edition and translation (53-101, Latin/English)

3. Commentaries (103-173) [endnotes to the translation]

4. Indices (177-184) [of text and commentaries]

5. Appendices:

5.1 Translation of Latin fragments quoted in the notes (187-201).

5.2 Documents (203-227) [ The 1666 Postulata; Gabiani’s letters on the 1681 ‘Iubilaeum’ ]

5.3 Facsimile edition (229-248) [ARSI, Congr. Prov. 81, ff. 219a-l]​

Jesuit Sources announces a discounted bundle of 10 books on the governance of the Society of Jesus. The collection includes every decree from every General Congregation of the Society of Jesus, a copy of the Constitutions, and scholarly commentary and analysis on Jesuit governance.


Supplies are limited. The 10 books are offered for only $50, plus shipping–a savings for nearly 80%.


Titles include:


  • An Introductory Commentary on the Constitutions – Paperback
  • The Superior General – Paperback
  • Union among Jesuits – Paperback
  • “Our Way of Proceeding”: To Make the Constitutions of the Society of Jesus and Their Complementary Norms Our Own
  • From Inspiration to Invention: Rhetoric in the Constitutions of the Society of Jesus
  • The Formula of the Institute: Notes for a Commentary – Paperback
  • Jesuit Life & Mission Today: The Decrees and Accompanying Documents of the 31st–35th General Congregations of the Society of Jesus – Paperback
  • Jesuit Life & Mission Today: The Decrees and Accompanying Documents of the 36th General Congregation of the Society of Jesus – Paperback
  • The Constitutions of the Society of Jesus and Their Complementary Norms: A Complete English Translation of Official Latin Texts – Paperback
  • For Matters of Greater Moment:The First Thirty Jesuit General Congregations: A Brief History and a Translation of the Decrees


More information and ordering details are available at

Yale University Press has published Reform Catholicism and the International Suppression of the Jesuits, 1554-1791 by Dale K. Van Kley, professor emeritus at the Ohio State University.


Van Kley argues how “Reform Catholicism, not a secular Enlightenment, provided the justification for Catholic kings to suppress” the Society of Jesus, “a society instituted by the papacy.” According to the publisher, Van Kley’s book is “the only single volume in English to make coherent sense of the series of expulsions that add up to what was arguably the most important religious event in Europe of the time, resulting in the secularization of tens of thousands of Jesuits.”


Van Kley has written previously on the suppression of the Society of Jesus, including


More information about this new book is available at: