Jesuit Sources

Jesuit Sources publishes more than 100 volumes to promote its mission to preserve, maintain, and expand for scholars around the world important texts and studies in Jesuit history, spirituality, and pedagogy.

Jesuits and Arts Around the World

The project intends to map work in the arts by the Society of Jesus and connecting individuals and institution involved in the field.

Jesuit Maps

The Jesuit Maps project aims to make interactive maps available using research in the field of Jesuit Studies conducted by international scholars, IAJS’ in-residence fellows, and Boston College students. These interactive maps will enrich the experience of the Portal’s users by providing them with new digital tools through which they can access the history of the Jesuits and the world of Jesuit studies.

International Symposia on Jesuit Studies

The symposia series is held on an annual basis, and selected presentations appear in volumes available in Open Access.

Jesuit Historiography Online

The Jesuit Historiography Online is an Open Access resource that will consist of more than 70 essays on a variety of topics and in a variety of disciplines associated with the Society of Jesus. facilitates the exploration of the unique educational influence of the Coimbra Jesuit Aristotelian instruction that stretched from Portugal to Asia and South America between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries.

Studies in the Spirituality of Jesuits

Studies in the Spirituality of Jesuits is a journal dedicated to Jesuit history and spirituality, examining the spiritual doctrine and practice of Society of Jesus through scholarly essays.

Journal of Jesuit Studies

The Journal of Jesuit Studies is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal dedicated to the study of Jesuit history, publishing scholarly articles, interviews, and book reviews. Its contents are available in Open Access.

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