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The Portal to Jesuit Studies provides access to a collection of primary sources and scholarship in Jesuit Studies.

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Jesuit Online Bibliography

Bibliographical records of 21st Century Jesuit Studies scholarship

Jesuit Studies Digital Collection

Repository for digitized documents provided by the IAJS

Digital Indipetae Database

Transcribed petitions by Jesuits requesting to be sent on Mission

Jesuit Maps

Interactive maps on Jesuit Studies

Jesuit Catalogs Database

Data from Jesuit Triennales and Breves Catalogs

Jesuit Online Necrology

Data from Catalogus defunctorum (1814–1970)

Beitrag zu der Reihe „Replace Rubens“ von Walid Raad in der Kunst-Station Sankt Peter Köln; Photo: Christopher Clem Franken, © Walid Raad

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Jesuit Sources

Jesuit Sources publishes Jesuit primary sources, monographs on the Jesuits, and auxiliary literature in Jesuit Studies. It currently features more than 150 volumes.

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