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Ignatius on the Society’s Involvement in Studies (1551)

In December 1551, Ignatius had his secretary Juan Alfonso de Polanco write to Antonio Araoz, the provincial of Spain, about the Society’s rapidly developing educational apostolate. What resulted was a concentrated epitome of the early Society’s thinking about this enterprise. Polanco swiftly covers issues of “method” (founding, administration, faculty, structure, content), and “advantages,” both for …

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Ignatius on Health (1551)

Antonio Araoz, the nephew of Ignatius’s sister-in-law Magdalena, entered the Society early its history and devoted himself tirelessly to preaching and spreading the order in Spain, where he had been provincial since 1547. His health suffered, though, and after a series of fruitless attempts had been made to get him to moderate his labors, Ignatius …

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Ignatius on Perfection (1547)

Ignatius addressed this “Letter of Perfection” to the flourishing scholasticate at Coimbra, in Portugal. Though the scholasticate prospered with vocations and zeal, the latter was at times quite indiscreet. Concerned observers felt that Simão Rodrigues, the Portuguese provincial, was too compliant in allowing the scholastics to become “fools for Christ,” in such manifestations as self-flagellation and …

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