Contributing to the Portal

The Portal’s editors—wishing to provide a free, dynamic, collaborative, and ever-going online service to users—welcome contributions to the site. There are two ways users can contribute to the Portal.

1.    You can contribute content.

The Portal’s editors welcome contributions of your research, such as important primary sources to be included in the document collection. The contributor of each source will be acknowledged in the Portal and included in its search results.

If you hold the copyrights to Jesuit publications, the Portal’s editors encourage you to contact them in order to explore how to digitize the publications and include them into the Jesuit Online Library.

The editors are also happy to discuss ways to integrate the content from standalone websites into the Portal’s aggregate search capabilities, as is done with the Open Access materials hosted by Brill Publishers.

All contributors will receive appropriate acknowledgement on the Portal, and, for course, all contributors retain the original copyright and ownership of materials.

Please contact the Portal’s editors if you wish to become a contributor (

2.    You can contribute financially.

The Portal’s editors welcome voluntary, tax-deductible donations to help maintain and grow the site. Even modest contributions will help ensure the Portal remains an online resource available to everyone, everywhere at no cost.

Details on how you can provide financial support to the Portal are available through the Institute (