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A new digital project is now available —  Res Sinicae. A database of Latin and Portuguese sources on China (16th-18th centuries). Survey, Edition, Translation and Studies (PTDC/LLT-OUT/31941/2017).


The project seeks to establish a digital repertoire of unpublished documents in Latin and Portuguese about China, from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century, documents written by Portuguese people or by those related to them. The documents will be transcribed and translated, provided in the source’s original language and Portuguese. Some documents will also be translated into English and Chinese.


Learn more about the project at


Res Sinicae is still under development. It is funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology and is carried out by the Centre for Classical Studies from the University of Lisbon.

A facsimile of the Spiritual Exercises — what some call the “manoscritto spagnolo” dating back to 1544 — is now available online and in open access at . The volume was first published in 1908.


Permission to digitize the title was granted by Brian Mac Cuarta, S.J., direttore accademico of the Archivum Romanum Societatis Iesu.


The digitization was conducted by the staff at the Burns Library of Boston College in collaboration with the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies. More information about the extensive Jesuitica collection at Burns Library is available at


To suggest other titles for digitization, and even for inclusion in the Jesuit Online Library, please contact the Portal to Jesuit Studies (

The POLY research group — Polycentricity and Plurality of Premodern Christianities (circa 700–1800 CE) — is hosting an online lecture series between April 2021 and June 2021.


The purpose of the the Frankfurt Lectures on Pathways through Early Modern Christianities is to facilitate the discussion of “the fascinating nature of early modern religious life,” with particular attention to the the analytical keys that structure this field.


A program appears below. More information can be found on the POLY website. The research group is housed at Goethe University Frankfurt and funded by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft).



Online Lectures and Discussions Spring and Summer Term 2021
Tuesdays from 6 to 8 pm CET (unless stated otherwise)

Frankfurt Lectures on Pathways through Early Modern Christianities
Between April and June 2021, the Frankfurt Lectures on Pathways through Early Modern Christianities will virtually bring together a global community of scholars and students to discuss the fascinating nature of early modern religious life. This year’s lectures will focus on the analytical keys that structure this field: from tolerance to generations, uniformity to publicity. 10 pathbreaking scholars will reflect on a single concept that they have developed, fine-tuned, or embraced in their scholarship. Together, these lectures will help us reflect on how much we have now learned about early modern Christianities in their interconnected global context—and what exciting new travels could lie ahead.

20 April — Eugenio Menegon (Boston) on Local Religion in China

27 April — Birgit Emich (Frankfurt) on Uniformity and the Early Modern Papacy

4 May — Christian Windler (Bern) on Polycentricity in Global Catholicism

11 May — Simon Ditchfield (York) on Appropriation in Tridentine Catholicism

18 May — Jean-Pascal Gay (Louvain) on Publicity in French Catholicism

1 June — John-Paul Ghobrial (Oxford) on Connected Histories in Eastern Christianities

8 June — Judith Pollman (Leiden) on Identity in the two Netherlands after the Revolt

15 June — Stuart Schwartz (Yale) on Tolerance in the Iberian Atlantic

22 June — Ines Županov (Paris) on Accommodation in Indian Christianities [this talk will be given at 10 am CET/14.30 IST]

29 June — Alexandra Walsham (Cambridge) on Generation on the British Isles


Please register at pluralchristianities @ to receive an invitation for the Zoom-Meeting.