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The Irish Jesuit Archives has begun a new online catalogue, starting with the catalogue of St Stanislaus College, Tullabeg, Offaly. Catalogues for two other collections are also now available: one for the Waterford-born Jesuit and Irish language scholar Michael McGrath (1872-1946), and another on the Isle of Man Mission (1826-1837). Further collections will be added as time permits.


The project is the result of a collaboration between the Irish Jesuit Archives and Offaly History. It uses open source application AtoM. To make archival material discoverable online, the Irish Jesuit Archives’ catalogue allows users to search for names or keywords to find particular records and to browse by collection, name, subject, and place.


The mission of the Irish Jesuit Archives is to record the challenges, aspirations, and experiences of Irish Jesuits, documenting their successes and failures since 1575. Pope Francis, in addressing officials of the Vatican Secret Archives in 2019, compared archival work “to the cultivation of a majestic tree,” with archivists tending to the soil and roots, “in such a way that even the greenest and youngest branches of the tree may draw good sap for their future growth.” This archival endeavor is often “carried out in silence and far from clamor,” however, this online catalogue can help share the connected histories of the Society of Jesus.


The Irish Jesuit Archives is an institutional partner in the Jesuit Online Bibliography.

FBK Press in Trento has published a new source, the annotated history of the the Jesuit college in Gorizia, Italy. The publication is the result of a collaboration between the Bruno Kessler Foundation and the Istituto di Storia Sociale e Religiosa di Gorizia.


Historia Collegii Goritiensis: Gli Annali del collegio dei gesuiti di Gorizia (1615-1772) is edited by Claudio Ferlan, a researcher at the Italian-German Historical Institute of the Bruno Kessler Foundation, and Marco Plesnicar, the director of the Gorizia State Archive. Together, Ferlan and Plesnicar transcribed the annual reports of the Jesuit college of Gorizia issued between 1615 and 1772. This period saw the establishment of the Austrian province of the Society of Jesus, of which Gorizia was a part.


The annual reports provide unique views of the city’s social, political and religious life. The editors provide indices of names and places as well as biographical notes of people mentioned, both Jesuits and others. There is also an introductory chapter on the history of the Jesuit in Gorizia, written by Ferlan in Italian.


Ferlan is a former research fellow at the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies. More information about the edited volume, as well as copy available in open access, can be found at the FBK website (

The indipetae were letters written by Jesuits to their Superior General in application for the extra-European missions, usually called the “Indies.” In Latin, applying for the Indies was petere Indias; from this are derived the expressions indipetae (the letters) and indipeti (the applicants). After the Suppression (1773) and the Restoration (1814) of the Society of Jesus, the tradition of writing these petitions continued.


Now available as an open access resource, the Digital Indipetae Database collects the indipetae of both the Old and the New Society. Users can search the letters by a number of facets — the full text, a sender’s name or location, the date a letter was sent, the destination desired, and the names of saints quoted among the others. The database also hosts scans of the original letters that are housed at the Archivum Romanum Societatis Iesu and other Jesuit archives. The public launch of the database took place at a Jesuit Studies Café on March 26, 2020.


The Portal to Jesuit Studies aggregates the contents of the indipetae database and includes them within its search capabilities.


The database is an initiative of the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies. It developed at Boston College Libraries in partnership with the Institute and Emanuele Colombo of DePaul University. Colombo serves as the database’s editor. He is supported by members of an editorial board and a scientific board. The project leads during the development were Seth Meehan, associate director of the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies, and Kimberly Kowal, the associate university librarian for digital initiatives and services at Boston College. Learn more about the development process–including how to access the database’s coding–at