April 2016: Menegon and Flores Present on Courtly Lives of Jesuit Missionaries

On April 13, the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies welcomes Eugenio Menegon, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute, and Jorge Flores, professor of Early Modern Global History at the European University Institute in Florence, to Boston College as they present papers on the “‘Global Courts’ of Early Modern India and China: Jesuit Accounts of Imperial Life.” Flores’ presentation, “Jesuit Missionary Surveys the Mughal Court: On the Treatise of the Court and Household of Jahangir Padshah (1610-11),” is based on his recent publication The Mughal Padshah, by Brill. The book “reveals intriguing insights on Jahangir and his family, the Mughal court and its political rituals, as well as the imperial elite and its military and economic strength.” Menegon looks at the European missionaries in Beijing’s court, between 1700 and 1838, and how their work as “scientists, artists and technical personnel” helped them gain access to the court’s elites.

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