April 2019: Roundtable on Material Cultures of Devotion in Early Modern Jesuit Missions

On April 29, Burns Library and the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies host a roundtable discussion at Boston College examining the “functions of sacred objects in three very different Jesuit missions from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries – England, China, and Northeastern America.”


“Material Cultures of Devotion in Early Modern Jesuit Missions” features presentations by Aislinn Muller, currently an Institute Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies, and by Eugenio Menegon and Laura Masur, both of Boston University. The discussion will be moderated by James O’Toole, who holds the Clough Millennium Chair in History at Boston College.


The three presentations will “compare the devotional, social, and sometimes political significance that sacred objects acquired in different geographical and cultural circumstances.” Burns Library will also display some of the relics and sacramental objects from its Liturgy and Life Collection, a unique collection of historical devotional materials donated by Catholic communities across the United States.


More information is available at http://events.bc.edu/event/roundtable_discussion_material_cultures_of_devotion_in_early_modern_jesuit_missions

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