April 2020: New History of the Jesuit College in Gorizia Now in Open Access

FBK Press in Trento has published a new source, the annotated history of the the Jesuit college in Gorizia, Italy. The publication is the result of a collaboration between the Bruno Kessler Foundation and the Istituto di Storia Sociale e Religiosa di Gorizia.


Historia Collegii Goritiensis: Gli Annali del collegio dei gesuiti di Gorizia (1615-1772) is edited by Claudio Ferlan, a researcher at the Italian-German Historical Institute of the Bruno Kessler Foundation, and Marco Plesnicar, the director of the Gorizia State Archive. Together, Ferlan and Plesnicar transcribed the annual reports of the Jesuit college of Gorizia issued between 1615 and 1772. This period saw the establishment of the Austrian province of the Society of Jesus, of which Gorizia was a part.


The annual reports provide unique views of the city’s social, political and religious life. The editors provide indices of names and places as well as biographical notes of people mentioned, both Jesuits and others. There is also an introductory chapter on the history of the Jesuit in Gorizia, written by Ferlan in Italian.


Ferlan is a former research fellow at the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies. More information about the edited volume, as well as copy available in open access, can be found at the FBK website (https://books.fbk.eu/pubblicazioni/titoli/historia-collegii-goritiensis/).