August 2017: New Archaeological History of Jesuit Missions in Ethiopia

Brill’s Jesuit Studies book series has published its tenth volume, The Archaeology of the Jesuit Missions in Ethiopia (1557–1632). The text is published by four authors: Víctor M. Fernández  of Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Jorge de Torres of the British Museum, Andreu Martínez d’Alòs-Moner of the University of Gondär, Ethiopia, and Carlos Cañete of the Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales in Madrid.


According to the publisher, The Archaeology of the Jesuit Missions in Ethiopia provides the first comprehensive examination of the “missionary architecture” of the churches, royal residences, and other royal structures built by “Jesuit padres, Ethiopian and Indian masons, and royal Ethiopian patrons.” The book considers ten known extant sites–from Fǝremona and the Royal-Missionary Complex of Azäzo-Gännätä Iyäsus to Dänqäz and Qwälläla–as well as hypothesizes on the so-called “‘lost’ missions.”


More information about this title, including a detailed table of contents, is available through Brill ( More information about the Jesuit Studies book series is also available through Brill.

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