August 2019: New Essays on Early Modern Jesuit Philosophy

Jesuit Philosophy on the Eve of Modernity presents eighteen essays on, according to Brill, “the origins and development of Jesuit philosophy during the first century of the Society of Jesus.” The publisher continues to note that the scholars contributing to this volume seek “to identify and examine the limits of the ‘distinctiveness’ of Jesuit philosophers during an age of dramatic turbulence in Western thought.”


The volume is edited by Cristiano Casalini — research scholar at the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies and profess of Jesuit pedagogy at the Lynch School of Education at Boston College. An interview with Casalini is available online at Youtube. Jesuit Philosophy on the Eve of Modernity is published as part of Brill’s Jesuit Studies book series.


The table of contents appears below. Record for this book and for each chapter are available in the Jesuit Online Bibliography.


By: Cristiano Casalini


The Landscape

Philosophy in Jesuit Schools and Universities

By: Paul F. Grendler

Uniformitas et soliditas doctrinae: History, Topics, and Impact of Jesuit Censorship in Philosophy (1550–99)

By: Christoph Sander


The Disciplines


From Probability to the Sublime(s): Early Modern Jesuit Rhetoric; an Anti-philosophy or an Alternative Path to a Modern Idea of “Truth”?

By: Anne Régent-Susini

Jesuit Logic

By: E. Jennifer Ashworth

Jesuit Psychology and the Theory of Knowledge

By: Daniel Heider

Nature and Theological Concerns

Early Jesuit Philosophers on the Nature of Space

By: Paul Richard Blum

Accedit Theologicum argumentum”: Discussing Transubstantiation in Commenting Aristotle; Commentarius Collegii Conimbricensis on Aristotle’s De generatione

By: Stefano Caroti


A Juridicized Language for the Salvation of Souls: Jesuit Ethics

By: Christoph P. Haar

Political Thought

By: Erik De Bom



The Roman College

Francisco de Toledo: Setting a Standard for Jesuit Philosophy

By: Anna Tropia

Benet Perera: the Epistemological Question at the Heart of Early Jesuit Philosophy

By: Marco Lamanna


Luis de Molina: The Metaphysics of Freedom

By: Alexander Aichele


Pedro da Fonseca’s Unfinished Metaphysics: the First Systematic Jesuit Metaphysics before Suárez

By: António Manuel Martins

Manuel de Góis: The Coimbra Course and the Definition of an Early Jesuit Philosophy

By: Mário S. de Carvalho

Francisco Suárez: A “New” Thomistic Realism

By: Benjamin Hill



Descartes and the Jesuits

By: Alfredo Gatto

John Locke and the Jesuits on Law and Politics

By: Elliot Rossiter

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