December 2020: Online Workshop — “China-Europe Relations in Late Imperial Times”

The Centro Científico e Cultural de Macau and the Centre for Sino-European Studies at Shanghai University are collaborating to host a virtual workshop entitled “China-Europe Relations in Late Imperial Times.”


The event takes place on December 19, 2020 — Beijing time, 20:30-22:00; Lisbon time, 12:30-14:00; and Boston time, 7:30-9:00.


The workshop features presentations by five scholars and another five discussants from the two host institutions.


The presenters are

  • João Paulo Oliveira e Costa, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, “The Jesuits, the Cape Route and the new Silk Roads”
  • Dong Shaoxin, Fudan University, “Jesuits and the Southern Ming”
  • Li Qiang, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, “The ‘Matteo Ricci Method’ and Intercultural Dialogue: The Understanding and Practice of Western Missionaries in Modern China”
  • Eugenio Menegon, Boston University, “Invisible City: Europeans and their Networks in Late Imperial Beijing”
  • Xu Jinhua, Bibliotheca Zi-Ka-Wei of Shanghai Library, “A Glimpse of Early Western Language Collection of the Bibliotheca Zi-Ka-Wei of Shanghai Library”


More details on the virtual workshop appear at the CCCM website:

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