January 2017: Ganson an In-Residence Fellow at the Institute

Barbara Ganson, professor of History and director of Caribbean and Latin American Studies at Florida Atlantic University, starts her Senior Research Fellowship at the Institute of Advanced Jesuit Studies. She will remain in residence during the spring semester to work on a translation and edited volume of Peruvian Jesuit missionary Antonio Ruiz de Montoya’s Conquista espiritual hecha por los religiosos de la Compañía de Jesús en las provincias del Paraguay, Paraná, Uruguay y Tape (1639). Ganson became interested in the history of the Rio de la Plata as an undergraduate at the Catholic universities in Buenos Aires and Asuncion during her junior year abroad. She received her Ph.D., and M.A. degrees, respectively in History and Latin American Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. She is author of an award-winning book, The Guarani Under Spanish Rule in the Rio de la Plata (Stanford University Press, 2003).

To learn more about Ganson and the fellowship program, please visit the Institute’s website.

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