January 2018: New Essays on Claudio Acquaviva

Pierre-Antoine Fabre and Flavio Rurale have edited a new collection of essays on Claudio Acquaviva, the long-serving Superior General of the Society of Jesus. The Acquaviva Project: Claudio Acquaviva’s Generalate (1581—1615) and the Emergence of Modern Catholicism examines both the expansion of Jesuit works and “the consolidation of the Jesuit institute.”


This volume addresses a significant historiographical gap–one that exists, according to the Institute of Jesuit Sources, because of “the complexity of the subject at hand: the end of the sixteenth century was a period in which the Society expanded on a global level, far beyond the order’s Roman and European boundaries.”


In addition to Fabre and Rurale, contributors to The Acquaviva Project include: Patrick Goujon; Guido Mongini; Silvia Mostaccio; Guillermo Wilde; Margherita Trento; Michela Catto; Thomas McCoog, SJ; Claudio Ferlan; Ariane Boltanksi; Aliocha Maldavsky; José Martínez Millán; Esther Jiménez Pablo; Cristiano Casalini; Francesco Mattei; Federica Favino; Giovanna Zanlonghi; Ralph Dekoninck; Franco Motta; and Santo Burgio.


The essays by the scholars fall into five broad categories: shaping Jesuit identity; promotion of foreign missions; economy and politics; education, science, and arts; and distinctive approaches to theology.


The publication is a collaborative effort between Jesuit Sources and the Archivum Romanum Societatis Iesu.


More information is available at http://jesuitsources.bc.edu/the-acquaviva-project-claudio-acquavivas-generalate-1581-1615-and-the-emergence-of-modern-catholicism/

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