January 2021: Online Workshop — “Aristoteles Asianus”

The Institute of Humanities at Seoul National University is collaborating with the university’s Institute of Greco-Roman Studies to host an international workshop entitled “Aristoteles Asianus: Aristotle’s works, the Coimbra texts, and Jesuits’ Chinese translations in the seventeenth century.” The three-day event takes place online from February 1-3.


More on the unique educational influence of the Coimbra Jesuit Aristotelian instruction that stretched from Portugal to Asia and South America between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries — including peer-reviewed encyclopedia entries and free access to digitized versions of the most important documents related to the topic — can be found at Conimbricenses.org. The project is a collaborator with the Portal to Jesuit Studies and with the Jesuit Online Bibliography.


A full program and details on accessing the virtual meeting are available online. A copy of the program also appears below.


Program (all times KST)
February 1, Monday

18:00-18:10 (KST) Opening ceremony

Chair: AHN, Jaewon/Seoul National University



CARVALHO, Mário Santiago de (The University of Coimbra), “Couto’s Dialectics: From its Portuguese Setting to its Eastern”

19:00-19:10 Break



HUH, Min Jun (Seoul National University), “About the differences (殊) in Wugong (Isagoge) and their historical background”


20:00-20:10 Break



ZHANG, Yijing (Nankai University), “Is Mingli tan a ‘good’ translation?”


February 2, Tuesday

(Chair: AHN, Jaewon/Seoul National University)



MOON, Sujeong (Seoul National University), “How Isagoge was translated into Chinese? – Focusing on the
first paragraph of ‘Lunshu[論殊]’ of Minglitan-Wugongpian [名理探-五公篇]”

18:50-19:00 Break



JIANG, Lu (Sun Yat-sen University), “The treatment of ‘ens rationis’ in Mingli tan”


19:50-20:00 Break



SOH, Jeanhyoung (Seoul National University), “What God was not: A Portuguese Jesuit’s Chinese translation of geometric terminology”


February 3, Wednesday

Chair: KANG, Sung-Hoon/Seoul National University



MEYNARD, Thierry (Sun Yat-sen University), “A Thomistic argumentation on creationism in Late Ming
China: The first juan of the Explanation of the Cosmic Reality (Huanyou quan)”


18:50-19:00 Break



STROB, Anna (Tuebingen University), “Mission Impossible? The Translation of Aristotelian Natural Philosophy to Late Ming China: The Example of Alfonso Vagnone’s Kongji gezhi 空際格致?”


19:50-20:00 Break


20:00-21:00 Round table and closing ceremony
Chair: AHN, Jaewon


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