July 2017: Conference on Catholic and Protestant Encounters in Africa

Between July 11 and July 14 in Nairobi, the Jesuit Historical Institute in Africa (JHIA) hosts an important scholarly conference examining historical encounters between Catholics and Protestants in Africa. The event, marking the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, gathers more than 20 scholars to consider the “ecumenical important” of those encounters, addressing such questions as:

  • “Why did it take so long for the Reformation to have a direct impact on Africa?”
  • “How did 19th century missionaries, who would have left home separately, interact in the African mission field, what could be the impact of their mode of interaction on subsequent African Christianity, and how did colonial politics shape denominational boundaries and facilitate their protection?”
  • “Has there been an ecumenical advantage that is specific to Africa, and how do Christian denominations relate in Africa today?”


Abstracts from the presentations are available online. Follow the JHIA on Twitter (@jhiafrica) for more details.

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