June 2016: Faber Symposium to Cultivate Jesuit Writers

The inaugural Faber Symposium–designed to nurture a new generation of Jesuit writers on the scholarly examination of the original charism of the Society of Jesus–takes place this month in Chicago, Illinois.


What will be an annual event, the Faber Symposium is organized and hosted by Barton Geger, SJ, the new editor of Studies in the Spirituality of Jesuits. The symposium features presentations of current works (dissertations, theses, and articles for publication) and feedback provided by gathered experts.


Papers presented will include:

  • Bill Woody, SJ: “The Jesuit Ministry of Reconciliation”
  • Peter Nguyen, SJ: “Cor Jesu and Pope Francis’s Vision of a Merciful Church”
  • Pedro Cameira, SJ: “Psychology of the Spiritual Exercises”
  • Quan Tran, SJ: “Cultural Differences and the Spiritual Exercises”
  • Joe Laramie, SJ: “Liturgical Themes in the Spiritual Exercises”
  • Mark Mossa, SJ: “The Beginnings of Jesuit Ressourcement? Pius XI, Ledochowski, de Guibert and the Jesuit Quadricentenary”
  • Barton Geger, SJ: “Bending the Knee to Baal: St. Ignatius on Jesuit Vocation Promotion.”


For free, searchable access to past issues of Studies in the Spirituality of Jesuits, please visit the Jesuit Online Library.


  • Update: The Faber Symposium II will occur in June 2017. A call for papers may be found here.
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