June 2016: Published Volume on Jesuit Imagery

Brill has published Jesuit Image Theory, edited by Wietse de Boer, Karl A.E. Enenkel and Walter S. Melion. The volume (including 97 color images) looks at “Jesuit investment in images, whether verbal or visual, virtual or actual, pictorial or poetic, rhetorical or exegetical.” Contributions to the volume include:

  • The Jesuit Engagement with the Status and Functions of the Visual Image, by Walter S. Melion;
  • The Early Jesuits and the Catholic Debate about Sacred Images, by Wietse De Boer;
  • The Jesuit Ars and Scientia Symbolica: From Richeome and Sandaeus to Masen and Ménestrier, by Ralph Dekoninck;
  • The Theory of Figurative Language in Maximillian ver der Sandt’s Writings, by Agnès Guiderdoni;
  • Writing on the Body and Looking Through its Wounds: The Mnemonic Metaphor of the Stigmata in Emanuele Tesauro’s Rhetoric, by Andrea Torre;
  • Claude-François Ménestrier: the Founder of “Early Modern Ground Theory,” by David Graham;
  • Enargeia Fireworks: Jesuit Image Theory in Franciscus Neumayr’s Rhetorical Manual (Idea Rhetoricae, 1748) and His Tragedies, by Karl A.E. Enenkel;
  • Libellus Piarum Precum (1575): Iterations of the Five Holy Wounds in an Early Jesuit Prayerbook, , by Walter S. Melion;
  • Interior Sight in Peter Canisius’ Meditations on Advent, by Hilmar Pabel;
  • Le Pacte Précaire de l’Image et de l’ecrit dans le Livre Illustrate d’epoque Moderne: Le Cas de la Peinture Spirituelle (1611) de Louis Richeome, by Pierre Antoine Fabre;
  • A Variety of Spiritual Pleasures: Anthonis Sallaert’s Glorification of the Name of Jesus, by James Clifton;
  • Marvels and Marbles in the Antwerp Jesuit Church: Hendrick van Balen’s Stone Paintings of the Life of the Virgin (1621), by Anna C. Knaap;
  • The Simularcra Avorum in Jesuit Latin Poems by Wallius and Carrara: From Vergilian Imitation to Scholastic Philosophy and Art Theory, by Aline Smeesters;
  • “To Make Yourself Present”: Jesuit Sacred Space as Enargetic Space, by Steffen Zierholz;
  • The Jesuit Strategy of Accommodation, by Jeffrey Muller.
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