June 2017: IHSI and Brill Publish a History of the English Province of the Society of Jesus

The Institutum Historicum Societatis Iesu (IHSI) and Brill have collaborated to publish The Society of Jesus in Ireland, Scotland, and England, 1598–1606: “Lest Our Lamp be Entirely Extinguishedby Thomas McCoog. As the publishers note, the volume begins at a time when “Jesuit missions in Ireland, Scotland, and England were either suspended, undermanned, or under attack.” It chronicles the attacks on Jesuits, such as Robert Persons, the succession of Queen Elizabeth I by King James VI, and the failure of the new king to fulfill his promises to Catholics. McCoog divides the book into five chapters, plus an introduction and a conclusion:

  • Chapter 1: “Apostata Jesuits, Apostata Secular Priests”: Ongoing Domestic Discontent, 1598–1600
  • Chapter 2: Peace Unattained: 1598–1600
  • Chapter 3: “Havinge holines in there mouthes but wickedness in there heartes”: English Jesuits on the Defensive, 1601–1602
  • Chapter 4: Down but Not Out: English Jesuit Setbacks, 1601–1602
  • Chapter 5: “Your Redemption is at Hand”: The Passing of the Old Regime


The volume is the third installment of McCoog’s history of the English Province of the Society of Jesus (the first volume appeared in 1996, on the years 1541–1588, and the second in 2012, on the years 1589–1597).