June 2017: New Open Access Essay on Jesuits in India

A new essay on the historiography of Jesuits in post-restoration India (since 1834) is now available at Jesuit Historiography Online, hosted in Open Access by Brill Reference. The essay is authored by Savio Abreu, S.J., director of the Xavier Centre of Historical Research in Goa. Abreu begins by tracing the treatments of the suppression and restoration of the Society of Jesus in India and identifies several themes and trends in the existing historiography. Abreu suggests that a forthcoming seminar on the Jesuits in India following the restoration “gives hope that the lacuna in the field of the history of Jesuit presence in India will be filled in the near future.”  


An Open Access resource due to the support by the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies at Boston College, Jesuit Historiography Online presents essays by experts in their field summarizing key texts, surveying recent scholarship, and suggesting future areas of inquiry.

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