June 2021: Online Seminars Hosted by the Gregorian Archives

The Gregorian Archives is hosting a series of online seminars led by researchers who consult the facility’s archival manuscripts.


The first seminar occurs on June 7, 2021. It will be led by Karie Schultz, with a presentation titled “Education and Confessional Identity: The Collegio Romano in the Seventeenth Century.” Archivist and Prof. Martín M. Morales and Dr. Ginevra Crosignani of Beda Pontifical College will also be present.


Schultz will present the preliminary findings from her consultation of archived lecture notes, manuscript treatises, and philosophical theses from the Collegio Romano to demonstrate the college’s crucial role in enabling seventeenth-century Catholic students to reaffirm their confessional identity and form religious communities that transcended national boundaries.


Further details in Italian and in English are available.

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