March 2017: Jesuit Studies Roundtable at Loyola-Chicago

Loyola University Chicago hosted a Jesuit Studies Roundtable in advance of the annual Renaissance Society of America conference. Organized by Emanuele Colombo (Depaul University) and Stephen Schloesser (Loyola), the workshop consisted of presentations of current and future scholarly and digital projects.

Presenting were:

    • Scott Hendrickson, SJ, on “Continued Research on Juan Eusebio Nieremberg, SJ (1595-1658)”;


    • Paul Grendler, on “The Jesuits and Italian Universities 1548-1773” and “Jesuit Schools in Italy 1548-1773”;


    • Bob Scully, SJ, on “The Jesuits, the Spanish Habsburgs, and Church/State Tensions”;


    • Maria Giulia Genghini, on “Ancient Tales New Told: Jesuit Preaching in Latin America”;


    • Michelle Molina, on “Jesuits (and a Protestant) at Sea: An Intimate Encounter Between Early Modern Global Catholicism and the Late Eighteenth Century”;


    • Kathleen Comerford and Kyle Roberts, on the Jesuit Libraries Provenance Project;


    • Thomas Worcester, SJ, and Alison C. Fleming, on the Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Jesuits;


    • Christopher Parsons, on Jesuit Relations: A Digital Edition;


    • Robert Maryks, on Brill’s Jesuit e-Shelf;


    • Seth Meehan, on the Portal to Jesuit Studies;


    • Emanuele Colombo, on the litterae indipetae Project.


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