March 2020: Now Included Within the Portal to Jesuit Studies

The Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies is pleased to announce that the peer-reviewed articles on the Coimbra Jesuit Aristotelian tradition are now included with the search capabilities of the Portal to Jesuit Studies. facilitates the exploration of the unique educational influence of the Coimbra Jesuit Aristotelian instruction that stretched from Portugal to Asia and South America between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries.


As the first digital project on the Coimbra Jesuit Aristotelian tradition, publishes peer-reviewed encyclopedia entries and provides free, worldwide access to digitized versions of the most important documents related to the topic. The project was launched in 2018 by the University of Coimbra’s Instituto de Estudos Filosóficos (IEF), under the direction of Prof. Mário Santiago de Carvalho and the coordination of Dr. Simone Guidi.


Collaborating with the project’s director and editor, the Portal to Jesuit Studies indexes the encyclopedia articles published at and aggregates them within the portal’s search capabilities.

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