May 2018: Symposium on Art, Science, and Religion in Jesuit China

On May 4, Columbia University hosts “From Rome to Beijing: Sacred Spaces in Dialogue: A Symposium on the History of Art, Science, and Religion in Jesuit China.” Daniel Greenberg and Mari Yoko Hara, both Andrew Mellon Postdoctoral Fellows at Columbia, have organized the event.


Speakers at the symposium are:

— Florence Hsia of University of Wisconsin, Madison, “On the Side: Mapping China from the Margins”


— Kristina Kleutghen of Washington University of St. Louis, “Language Barrier: Reintegrating French and Chinese Sources on Qing Painter Jean-Denis Attiret”


— Walter Melion of Emory University, “Image Theory in the Annotated Manuscripts of Jerónimo Nadal’s Adnotationes et meditationes in Evangelia”


— Eugenio Menegon of Boston University, “Revisiting the Four Churches: Urban and Suburban Life and Networks of European Missionaries and Christian Converts in Qing Beijing”


— Jeffrey Muller of Brown University, “‘Mine Eyes and Taste are grown a little Chinese’: Jean-Denis Attiret, S. J., Recognizes the Eqial Value of European and Chinese Art”


— Daniel Greenberg, Columbia University, “Images of the Mongol Qing: Painting, Chengde, and Ritual in the Court of Colonial Affairs”


Menegon is also a Collaborative Scholar at the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies, and Muller was a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute in the fall of 2016.


Abstracts for the presentations are available online.


“From Rome to Beijing” is sponsored by Columbia University’s Dept. of Art History and Archaeology, Dept. of Italian, Dept. of Religion, and Dept. of East Asian Languages and Culture, the Mary Griggs Burke Center for Japanese Art, The Center for Science and Society at Columbia University, and the Weatherhead East Asian Institute. Additional information is available at the Weatherhead East Asian Institute’s website. A one-page summary of the event is available online.