November 2014: Suarez Companion Available

Victor Salas and Robert Fastiggi have edited A Companion to Francisco Suarez, a detailed examination of the Jesuit’s philosophical and theological scholasticism. Published through Brill, the volume fourteen essays:

  • Introduction: Francisco Suárez, the Man and His Work, by Victor Salas and Robert Fastigg;
  • Political Thought and Legal Theory in Suárez, by Jean-Paul Coujou;
  • Suárez, Heidegger, and Contemporary Metaphysics, by Jean-François Courtine;
  • Suárez on the Subject of Metaphysics, by Rolf Darge;
  • Suárez and the Baroque Matrix of Modern Thought, by Costantino Esposito;
  • Francisco Suárez as Dogmatic Theologian, by Robert Fastiggi;
  • Suárez on the Metaphysics and Epistemology of Universals, by Daniel Heider;
  • Suárez’s Psychology, by Simo Knuuttila;
  • Suárez’s Influence on Protestant Scholasticism: The Cases of Hollaz and Turretín, by John Kronen;
  • Suárez on Beings of Reason, by Daniel Novotný;
  • Suárez and the Natural Law, by Paul Pace;
  • Original Features of Suárez’s Thought, by José Pereira;
  • Suárez’s Doctrine of Concepts: How Divine and Human Intellection are Intertwined, by Michael Renemann;
  • Between Thomism and Scotism: Francisco Suárez on the Analogy of Being, by Victor Salas.


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