November 2017: New Publication: Journal of the Macau Ricci Institute

The Macau Ricci Institute has launched a new, bi-annual publication — the Journal of the Macau Ricci Institute.


Dedicated as a “Journal of Moral Leadership, Social Innovation and Comparative Spirituality,” the Journal of the Macau Ricci Institute is edited by Stephan Rothlin and co-edited by Dennis P. McCann and Mike J. Thompson. Thierry Meynard is the associate editor for China.


Members of the journal’s editorial board are Franz Gassner of University of Saint Joseph (Macau), Yang Hengda of Renmin University (Beijing), Zhou Shoujin of Peking University (Beijing), and Alvaro Barbosa of University of Saint Joseph (Macau).


The journal’s international advisors are Christoph von Waldersee of Ecotrust Company (Beijing), Gan Shaoping of China Academy of Social Sciences (Beijing), Antonio Spadaro of Civiltà Cattolica (Rome), Margit Osterloh of University of Zurich (Switzerland), Mark O’Neill (Hong Kong), William Valentino of Tsinghua University (Beijing), Martin Maier of Jesuit European Social Centre (JESC) (Brussels), Bruno S. Frey of
University of Basel (Switzerland), Gael Giroud of Centre Sèvres (Paris), Gerhold K. Becker of Assumption University (Bangkok).


The first volume is available online. Its table of contents include:

“The Macau Ricci Institute Journal: Connecting Moral Leadership, Social Innovation and Comparative Spirituality” – Stephan Rothlin

“Paying the Price: Lessons from the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal for Moral Leadership” – Gerhold K. Becker “Educational Social Innovation: Responsible Leadership MOOC in China” – Helen Xu
“What is Social in Social Innovation?” – Mike J. Thompson

“Moral Leadership Using the Method of Francis De Sales” – Roderick O’Brien
“The Façade of St Paul’s in Macao Reflects Christian, Confucian and Buddhist Spirituality” – Christian Wagner, Su Chi Lin

“Developing Responsible Leaders in China Within a Global Context” – Henri-Claude de Bettignies

“Women’s Leadership in Macau Education” – Dennis P. McCann interviews Ana Maria Correia

Events and Publications



The Macau Ricci Institute is a “nonprofit, study and research institution dedicated to fostering better mutual understanding between China and the world community.” It offers a combination of cultural, professional, and research programs in Macau, “a human and cultural crossroads – a real, although small, international city,” with deep connections to the history of the Society of Jesus. The institute is also named for Matteo Ricci (1552-1610), an early Jesuit missionary to China. With Macau and the Jesuits, the institute notes the two “share together a common beginning and 450 years of history. The Jesuits in Macau have always been at the service of the human person, either in need of education or material help, but always at the very deepest level of ideals and hopes, where culture finds its roots. This Jesuit tradition continues even today in Macau at the Macau Ricci Institute.”

More information about the Macau Ricci Institute and its initiatives are available online.

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