October 2015: Published Collection on Jesuit Suppression

Oxford University Press has published The Jesuit Suppression in Global Context: Causes, Events, and Consequences, edited by Jeffrey Burson (Georgia Southern University) and Jonathan Wright (University of Oxford). Contents of this volume include:

  • Plots and rumors of plots: the role of conspiracy in the international campaign against the Society of Jesus, 1758–68, by Dale K. Van Kley;
  • Between power and Enlightenment: the cultural and intellectual context for the Jesuit Suppression in France, by Jeffrey D. Burson;
  • Friends as liabilities: Christophe de Beaumont’s defense of the Jesuits, by Tom Worcester;
  • On the road to suppression: the Jesuits and their expulsion from the reductions of Paraguay, by Maurice Whitehead;
  • The end of the Jesuit mission in China, by R. Po-chia Hsia;
  • The expulsion and suppression in Portugal and Spain: an overview, by Emanuele Colombo and Niccolò Guasti;
  • The Suppression of the Jesuits in the Savoyard state, by Christopher Storrs;
  • “Lost in the title”: John Thorpe’s eyewitness account of the Suppression, by Thomas McCoog;
  • French Jesuits, c.1756–1814, by D. Gillian Thompson;
  • General suppression, Russian survival, American success: the ‘Russian’ Society of Jesus and the Jesuits in the United States, by Daniel L. Schlafly, Jr.;
  • Adam Beckers (1744–1806), (ex-)Jesuit in Amsterdam, and the Society of Jesus from Suppression to Restoration, by Paul Begheyn;
  • Ex-Jesuits in the east Habsburg lands, Silesia and Poland, by Paul Shore;
  • The exile of the Spanish Jesuits in Italy (1767–1815), by Niccolò Guasti;
  • The legacies of Suppression: Jesuit culture and science: what was lost? What was gained?, by Louis Caruana.


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