October 2018: Sachsenmaier Presents on the “Man who Never Traveled”

Dominic Sachsenmaier, Chair Professor of Modern China with an Emphasis on Global Historical Perspectives at the Department of East Asian Studies and History at the University of Göttingen, visits the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies to speak about his latest publication. The discussion takes place on October 5 at the Institute’s Library at Boston College.


In Global Entanglements of a Man Who Never Traveled: A Seventeenth-Century Chinese Christian and His Conflicted Worlds, Sachsenmaier examines the life of Zhu Zongyuan. The child of a low-level literati family, the seventeenth-century Chinese Christian convert “likely never left his home province. Yet,” according to Sachsenmaier, “Zhu nonetheless led a remarkably globally connected life. His relations with the outside world, ranging from scholarly activities to involvement with globalizing Catholicism, put him in contact with a complex and contradictory set of foreign and domestic forces.” Zhu was converted by the Jesuits, and he lived seeking to balance “a local life and his border-crossing faith.”


To attend the discussion of the book or to learn more about similar events, please contact the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies (iajs@bc.edu; bc.edu/iajs)


More information about Sachsenmaier’s book is available at Columbia University Press.

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