September 2019: Conference on “Western Learning” in Chinese Culture

Sapienza Università di Roma hosts a two-day conference (September 2-3) on “Visions of ‘Humanity’ and ‘Letters’: Chinese Culture and the Two — Tides of Western Learning, from the Late Ming to Early Modern Times.”


Benjamin Elman of Princeton University will deliver the keynote address entitled “Traduttore, traditore: The Jesuits and the Translation/Construction of Early Modern Science in China via European Humanism, 1600-1800.” The event also features seven panels and a concluding roundtable and set of remarks.


Presentations relevant to the field of Jesuit Studies appear below. More information about the event and a full conference program can be found online:


September 2nd

On the theme of “Humanity”

Panel 1 — Visions of Humanity: the 17th Century

— Thierry Meynard, “Christian ‘Anthropologyi: Gulius Aleni’s Xingxue cushu”

— Liming Song, “Matteo Ricci: the Man and his Writings. On Some Misunderstandings and Misconceptions in Sino-Western Cultural Exchanges”

— Giulia Falato, “Parents, Children, Mutual Duties and Relations: a European Way of Governing the Family by Alfonso Vagnone S.J (1568-1640)”

— Davor Antonucci, “Envisioning the Other: Foreign Populations in Some Jesuits’ Geographical Accounts”



September 3rd

On the theme of “Letters”

Panel 5 — Western and Chinese Practices of wen: Early Encounters

— Sher-shiueh Li,”European Jesuits and Western Rhetoric in Ming-Qing China”

— Paolo De Troia, “The Vision of Letters in Some Jesuit Texts in 16th Century China: Jesuit Translations and Transcultural Exchanges”

— Hui-Hung Chen,”Three Portuguese Jesuits and the Chinese Madonna: A Cultural Encounter among China, Macao and Japan”

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