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Nosti Profecto (1940)

In July 1940, to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the foundation of the Society of Jesus, Pope Pius XII issued the following apostolic letter to Wlodimir (Włodzimierz) Ledóchowski. Pius notes to the superior general how the Catholic Church “is deeply indebted to your religious society for its glorious record of service.” The letter chronicles some

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Exposcit Debitum (1550)

More commonly known by its Latin name (Exposcit Debitum), the papal approval of the Formula of 1550 has articulated the purposes of the Society of Jesus since it issuance by Pope Julius III. The formula was based on the Five Chapters of 1539 and of the Formula of 1540. For more on the history, content,

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Ignatius on Perfection (1547)

Ignatius addressed this “Letter of Perfection” to the flourishing scholasticate at Coimbra, in Portugal. Though the scholasticate prospered with vocations and zeal, the latter was at times quite indiscreet. Concerned observers felt that Simão Rodrigues, the Portuguese provincial, was too compliant in allowing the scholastics to become “fools for Christ,” in such manifestations as self-flagellation and

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October 2014: Conference on Jesuit Restoration at Loyola-Chicago

Loyola University Chicago holds “Crossings and Dwellings,” a research conference to commemorate the bicentennial of the Restoration of the Society of Jesus and the centennial of women’s education at Loyola University-Mundelein College. The program, organized by Stephen Schloesser, SJ, and Kyle Roberts, features an opening address by Carol Coburn of Avila University, remarks by John

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