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The Journal of Jesuit Studies is a peer-reviewed quarterly dedicated to the study of Jesuit history, publishing research articles and a substantial number of book reviews.


Below is an interactive chart of all the research articles published in the Journal of Jesuit Studies.


Brill Publishers, a collaborating partner of the Portal, hosts the journal, and the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies provides the funding to make the journal an Open Access resource. The full content of the Journal of Jesuit Studies is available through the Portal’s aggregate search engine.


wdt_ID Year Volume Issue Title Author1 Author2 Author3
1 2014 1 1 Editors' Preface Maryks, Robert A. Wright, Jonathan
2 2014 1 1 Jesuit Schools in Europe. A Historiographical Essay Grendler, Paul F.
3 2014 1 1 The Vineyard of Verse Haskell, Yasmin
4 2014 1 1 Jesuit Foreign Missions. A Historiographical Essay Po-chia Hsia, Ronnie
5 2014 1 1 Early Modern Jesuit Arts and Jesuit Visual Culture Levy, Evonne
6 2014 1 1 Early Modern Jesuit Science. A Historiographical Essay Rabin, Sheila J.
7 2014 1 1 Recent Works in Jesuit Philosophy Schloesser, Stephen
8 2014 1 2 Introduction: Jesuit Missionary Perspectives and Strategies McShea, Bronwen Catherine
9 2014 1 2 Assessing Indigenous Forms of Writing Hosne, Ana Carolina
10 2014 1 2 “Infidels” at Home Colombo, Emanuele
Year Volume Title Author1 Author2 Author3