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Essential Documents

A collection of some of the most important primary sources in Jesuit history. Materials include letters and addresses from the Fathers General, selected decrees and important addresses from the General Congregations, and papal bulls, remarks, and other statements to or about the Society of Jesus.


Jesuit Online Library

The Jesuit Online Library allows users to search 39 Jesuit titles, across more than 1,000 volumes, simultaneously or to browse single volumes individually. The collection includes books and journals in English, Spanish, Latin, Portuguese, German, and French, and searches can be refined by title, date, publication, or author.


Digital Indipetae Database

The Digital Indipetae Database collects the indipetae of both the Old and the New Society, those letters written by Jesuits to their Superior General in application for the extra-European missions, usually called the “Indies.” Users can search the letters by a number of facets — the full text, a sender’s name or location, the date a letter was sent, the destination desired, and the names of saints quoted among the others.


Jesuit Online Bibliography

The Jesuit Online Bibliography is a database of bibliographical records on scholarship (books, chapters, articles, reviews, dissertations, and others materials) in the field of Jesuit Studies. To learn more, please contact


Jesuitica Directory

The directory allows for the searching of the titles, authors, and subjects of the more than 1,000 volumes of Boston College Libraries’ Jesuitica collection now available online.