Decree 25: “Journeys by Missionaries,” General Congregation 31 (1966)

This brief decree from the 31st General Congregation is a companion to a previous decree on missionary service by Jesuits. The decree responds to requests by Jesuits that it be easier for missionaries to return to their original provinces from time to time. It notes that such returns would benefit the missionary as well as the mission. It also suggests provincials have oversight of the frequency of the travels. Such returns were not as easy in previous centuries, when a missionary’s travels were often one-way journeys.

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A return to the province of origin is considered something normal for the benefit both of the missions and of the missionaries. With regard to its frequency, the general norms to be established by Father General must be observed, their application according to the situation being left to the provincials.



Original Source (English translation):

Jesuit Life & Mission Today: The Decrees & Accompanying Documents of the 31st35th General Congregations of the Society of Jesus, ed. John W. Padberg. St. Louis, Mo.: Institute of Jesuit Sources, 2009, General Congregation 31, Decree 25, “Journeys by Missionaries,” pg. 158 [443].