Decree 55: “Abrogation and Revision of Certain Decrees,” General Congregation 31 (1966)

The following decree outlines some changes to the Collection of Decrees as a result of the decisions made by the delegates to the 31st General Congregation.

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1.     In the Collection of Decrees decrees 21; 75, §3; 78, 768 §1; 231; 232; 290; 293 are abrogated to this extent, that norms contained in them shall continue to stay in force with the authority of Ordinations of the Fathers General, until the General shall decide otherwise.

2.     Decree 75, §3 of the Collection of Decrees should be revised as follows:

Letters written or received by the admonitor of a provincial are not subject to the censorship of the same provincial.

3.     In decree 212 of the Collection of Decrees, the following words should be added:

The General can, however, communicate to provincials the faculty of approving specifications for construction of a new building.




Original Source (English translation):

Jesuit Life & Mission Today: The Decrees & Accompanying Documents of the 31st35th General Congregations of the Society of Jesus, ed. John W. Padberg. St. Louis, Mo.: Institute of Jesuit Sources, 2009, General Congregation 31, Decree 55, “Abrogation and Revision of Certain Decrees,” pg. 224 [768–770].

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