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Jesuit Historiography Online is an Open Access resource that will offer more than 70 scholarly essays that summarize the state of scholarship in the variety of fields in Jesuit Studies. The essays explore trends in Jesuit historiography and provide a nuanced, systematic, and in-depth analysis of what has been written—when, why, and by whom.


Use the interactive chart below to sort and filter the essays by category (geographic versus thematic), subject, and author(s). The full texts of the available essays are searchable through the Portal’s search engine.

Brill Publishers, a collaborating partner of the Portal to Jesuit Studies, hosts the historiographical essays, and the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies provides the necessary financial support so that the project is available as an Open Access resource.


wdt_ID Theme Topic Author1 Author2
1 Geographical Africa Mkenda, Festo
2 Geographical China Rule, Paul
3 Geographical India, Pre-suppression Županov, Ines G.
4 Geographical India, Post-suppression Abreu, Savio
5 Geographical Indonesia Steenbrink, Karel
6 Geographical Japan Fujikawa, Mayu
7 Geographical Korea Han, Jieun Rausch, Franklin
8 Geographical Philippines Javellana, René B.
9 Geographical Vietnam Tran, Anh
10 Geographical Canada, Pre-suppression (forthcoming) Parsons, Christopher M.
Theme Topic Author1 Author2