June 2018: New Issue Available of the Journal of the Macau Ricci Institute

The second issue of the Journal of the Macau Ricci Institute is now available. (See an earlier news story about the launch of this bi-annual publication.)


The contents of this issue include:

“Transforming Homo Economicus” – Stephan Rothlin

“Laudato Si’: Mobilising Christian Faith and Practice for Environmental Responsibility” – Dennis Patrick McCann
“Science and Laudato Si’ on the Paradigm Shift towards Sustainable Development” – Franz Gassner
“Karaniwang Tao: Filipino Response to Pope Francis’ Challenge on Climate Change” – Mark Pufpaff
“Progressive Business as Social Business Innovation” – Laszlo Zsolnai and Eleanor O’Higgins
“The Ethical Case against Sweatshops in Guangdong Province: Resources from John Rawls’ Theory of Justice” – Liu Guangming
“Angel or Demon? The Ethics of Online Peer-to-Peer Lending Firms” – Helen Xu

“Doing Business with Moral Leadership and Faith” – Mike Thompson interviews Johnny Hon
“Art, Culture, and Resonance in the Jesuit Mission in China” – David Francis Urrows

“Developing Responsible Leaders in China: Beyond Compliance Toward Becoming a “Force For Good”?” – Henri-Claude de Bettignies

Events and Publications


More information about the Macau Ricci Institute is available online.


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