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Ignatius on Obedience (1553)

After the Spiritual Exercises, perhaps until the publication and translation of his “autobiography,” the writings of Ignatius were perhaps best known for this letter, commonly known as the “Letter on Obedience” to the Province of Portugal. Generations of Jesuits heard it read at table once a month in their refectories. Ignatius writes here during a […]

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Ignatius on Temporal Duties (1552)

Appointed treasurer of the college at Coimbra, the austere Manoel Godinho (who had complained about the governing style of Simão Rodrigues) found his involvement in finances and lawsuits to be incompatible with the spiritual life. He appealed to Ignatius and received from him the following reply. Even “temporal business,” Ignatius notes, can be “spiritual and

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Ignatius on Poverty (1552)

Ignatius in the letter here offers warm encouragement to Jesuits who are suffering the effects of poverty. Such poverty often arose when benefactors who founded colleges for the Society did not fulfill their obligations or promises to support them. Regardless, Ignatius acknowledges that poverty can be a grace, as it lets “us have a real

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Ignatius on Poverty (1547)

A college in Padua was insufficiently supported by its founder, Andrea Lippomani. Lippomani had hosted Jesuit scholastics in Padua as early as 1542. The Venetian government, though, stalled negotiations to transfer Lippomani’s bequest to the Society intended to support a college in the city, doing so despite a bull by Pope Paul III in support

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Ignatius on Perfection (1547)

Ignatius addressed this “Letter of Perfection” to the flourishing scholasticate at Coimbra, in Portugal. Though the scholasticate prospered with vocations and zeal, the latter was at times quite indiscreet. Concerned observers felt that Simão Rodrigues, the Portuguese provincial, was too compliant in allowing the scholastics to become “fools for Christ,” in such manifestations as self-flagellation and

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May 2016: New Book of Berrigan Correspondence

Daniel Cosacchi and Eric Martin, both doctoral students at American Jesuit universities (Loyola University Chicago and Fordham University, respectively) have published a selection of the correspondence between Daniel and Philip Berrigan. The Berrigan Letters, available through Orbis Books, spans seven decades of correspondence between, what the publisher describes as, “the brothers famed for their social

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October 2015: Conference to Offer “New Perspectives in the Studies on Matteo Ricci”

L’Istituto Confucio at the Università di Macerata hosts an important, three-day conference on new scholarship and perspectives on Matteo Ricci (1552–1610).   “New Perspectives in the Studies on Matteo Ricci” features presentations by 21 scholars from October 21-23, 2015. The event also includes a tour of Ricci’s historical landmarks in Macerata, the birthplace of the noted

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