International Symposia on Jesuit Studies


International Symposia on Jesuit Studies are held on an annual basis, providing opportunities for academic exchange within the global community of Jesuit Studies scholars. Selected presentations are made available in Open Access.


Soon, the contents of the published symposia volumes will be available through the Portal’s aggregate search engine. The first volume, however, is already available as part of Brill’s Jesuit Studies book series.


Exploring Jesuit Distinctiveness: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Ways of Proceeding within the Society of Jesus offers an introductory essay and 12 chapters, all of which are available for download at no cost.

The chapters of the first volume include:


Francesco Benci and the Origins of Jesuit Neo-Latin Epic, by Paul Gwynne;

Exploring the Distinctiveness of Neo-Latin Jesuit Didactic Poetry in Naples: The Case of Nicolò Partenio Giannettasio, by Claudia Schindler;

Civic Education on Stage: Civic Values and Virtues in the Jesuit Schools of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, by Jolanta Rzegocka;

“Ask the Jesuits to Send Verses from Rome”: The Society’s Networks and the European Dissemination of Devotional Music, by Daniele V. Filippi;

Priestly Violence, Martyrdom, and Jesuits: The Case of Diego de Alfaro, S.J. (Paraguay 1639), by Andrew Redden;

Colonial Theodicy and the Jesuit Ascetic Ideal in José de Acosta’s Works on Spanish America, by Bryan Green;

Purple Silk and Black Cotton: Francisco Cabral, S.J., and the Negotiation of Jesuit Attire in Japan (1570–73), by Linda Zampol D’Ortia;

Pedro de Ribadeneyra’s Vida del P. Ignacio de Loyola (1583) and Literary Culture in Early Modern Spain, by Rady Roldán-Figueroa;

The Distinctiveness of the Society of Jesus’s Mission in Pedro de Ribadeneyra S.J.’s Historia ecclesiástica del schisma del Reyno de Inglaterra (1588), by Spencer J. Weinreich;

Discerning Skills: Psychological Insight at the Core of Jesuit Identity, by Cristiano Casalini;

Distinctive Contours of Jesuit Enlightenment in France, by Jeffrey D. Burson;

One Century of Science: The Jesuit Journal Brotéria (1902–2002), by Francisco Malta Romeiras and Henrique Leitão.